About Mariyah Nasir

I am an Artist, Designer, Illustrator and an explorer of all the varied dimensions of art both tangible and intangible….
I graduated from the National College Of Arts Lahore (Pakistan) as a textile designer in January 2009.
Playing with colors and textures so as to create forms that are intriguing and learning through this creative process the ability of one’s instinct and the limitlessness within the boundaries of ourselves is what i enjoy doing the most.

This Blog is about sharing the experience and results of  a creative journey so as to enrich it even further and to broaden up the horizon of the creative thought process. I would love to have your comments, feedback and opinion at all times.

Suggestions, queries and concerns are more than welcome anytime!

For more information visit:
E-mail: mariyahnasir@hotmail.com

7 Responses to About Mariyah Nasir

  1. khan fahad azar says:

    chaa gai ho ap 🙂
    excellent work
    i must say u r genious mashAllah

  2. Raheel Ali says:

    A true creative mystery leaving one with the notion ….Love the play of colors!

    Keep it up!!!

  3. you have a lovely blog too, Im glad you like ooh la lapin!
    Lou x

  4. Saqibah Khan says:


    I have sent an email to you on you hotmail ID. Could you please share your mobile number so that i can discuss about an opportunity with you

    Saqibah Khan

  5. victor says:

    I’m teaching arts and music too here in the Philippines,,,, glad to have you guys inspiring people in their areas of arts…keep it up~!!!!! please share some videos and trainings or workshops that would enhance my skills. thnaks

  6. Hi Victor,
    Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments. It’s even more profound to have it from an art teacher 🙂
    I’d definitely try sharing some here soon. Thankyou for this suggestion.

    stay blessed,
    best regards.

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