About Mariyah Nasir

I am an Artist, Designer, Illustrator and an explorer of all the varied dimensions of art both tangible and intangible....
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  1. Laura Norfolk says:

    Hi Mariya I realy love this Print with the ladies I love how you have captured your prints within digitial Prits in an Illistration I love all the colourful abstract prints I could realy see them in fashion in dresses and design I love your recent abstract paintings that have a 3dimentioonal and collarged feel to tehm The house painting has so much detail to. Your paintings and designs have realy inspired me becaue I have lost my art Inspuration esspecially through working in retail I hope to cary on with my blog and go back to it and my portfolio and cary on with my art and screenprinting its hard sometimes to hve the inspuration and get up and go to do this without a studio and a place of your own and whilast in full time work. Im going to try and go into studdying for a MA in Art and deign or Art therapy or somthing to use my Art and design for everyday and to be rewarding so I dont loose it completelty I know my tallents will always be tehr in my Art and screen printing and designs its just being able to use it in a possitive waya nd keep it up like I say keep up the good creative hard work keep in touch Thanks Laura and tahnks agin for posting on my blog website Lxxx:)

  2. florencia says:

    very good!! like it!

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